20 Photoshop Tips

We all use Photoshop on a daily basis, but I bet there’s at least one tip in this post that will give you the old ‘Why didn’t I know of this before’ moment! It’s tips like these that make the most common of tasks quicker and easier than ever to help speed up your Photoshop workflow.

Hold Spacebar to move a selection

Photoshop tip
Drag a selection with the Marquee tool, but before releasing the mouse button, press and hold the Spacebar to relocate the selection.

Display larger font previews

Photoshop tip
Go to Photoshop’s preferences and head down to the Type section. Change the Font Preview Size option to Extra Large to display legible preview on the font drop down menu.

Change values with the cursor keys

Photoshop tip
Rather than typing in an exact figure, simply nudge the numeric value up and down sequentially with the cursor keys.

Quickly zoom back to 100%

Photoshop tip
Double click the Zoom icon’s magnifying glass to jump back to 100%.

Toggle visibility of multiply layers

Photoshop tip
Click the ‘eye’ icon next to a layer to toggle the visibility on or off, then drag the selection down the palette to repeat the command on multiple layers.

Hide or show all other layers

Photoshop tip
Press the ALT key while clicking the ‘eye’ icon next to a layer to toggle the visibility of all other layers.

Load the selection of a layer

Photoshop tip
Press CMD while clicking the layer thumbnail to load a selection of the layer contents.

Quickly toggle between blending modes

Photoshop tip
Windows users can simply toggle using the cursor keys, Mac users however can use the Shift key along with the plus and minus keys while the direct selection tool is active. Using this command while another tool is selected will change the blending mode option for that specific tool.

Toggle palette visibility

Photoshop tip
Increase the size of your work area by toggling off the palettes using the Tab key. Hover over the edges of the screen to bring back palettes, which will then disappear again when the mouse is moved away.

Fit to full screen

Photoshop tip
Another handy tip for Mac users. Cycle through various full screen modes by pressing the F key.

Switch to precision cursor mode

Photoshop tip
Press Caps Lock to turn on the precision cursor, useful for creating accurate selections. This also toggles off the brush outline, which can be handy for some occasions.

Increase and decrease brush size

Photoshop tip
With the Brush tool selected, press the [ and ] keys to increase or decrease the brush size.

Rotate a Photoshop brush

Photoshop tip
Head into the Brush setting, under Brush Tip Shape adjust the circular icon to rotate the angle of the brush.

Quickly adjust layer opacity

Photoshop tip
Select a preset opacity value by pressing the numeric keys from 1-10. Number one equals 10%, five equals 50% and so on.

Auto select layers or groups

Photoshop tip
Select and adjust the selection settings to automatically select a layer, or a group. Or turn the option off to avoid accidental layer selection.

Automatically load files into layers

Photoshop tip
Go to File > Scripts > Load files into stack to open up a bunch of images and automatically place them onto individual layers.

Easily create new guides

Photoshop tip
Click and drag a guide from the document rulers, or go to View > New Guide to drop a guide at a specific placement.

Change layer palette thumbnail sizes

Photoshop tip
Click the small options arrow in the corner of the Layers Palette, then change the Layers Panel Options to alter the thumbnail size.

Copy multiple layers

Photoshop tip
Draw a selection, then use the shortcut Shift+CMD+C to Copy Merged. This takes every layer into the clipping, rather than just the current layer selection.

Move items with super nudge

Photoshop tip
The cursor keys will nudge an object by 1px by default. Hold Shift while nudging to increase this to 10px. Especially handy when designing web layouts for consistent spacing.

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