28 Free Illustrator Brushes

By Rula creative

This is a brush set meant for making your own custom swoosh, swirl and curl designs. I have a tutorial on exactly how that process works that you can read here. This isn’t the only way to make swooshes, but it should help you get started, to say the least. I’m continually fascinated as to how confusing vector swoosh creation can be to most people. Along with this brush library, and a quicktutorial read, you should be well on your way to start making your own swooshes in 100% vector format, relatively easily.

The reason I created this brush set is so that (hopefully) it will make it easier for you to try and understand swoosh making and get inspired to set up your own unique brushes to produce some beautiful swooshes and curls on your own. Practice makes perfect in most cases, but these should help you along your way.
28 Free Illustrator Swoosh Brushes

The possibilities are endless, but here are a few examples of these brushes when applied to a simple spiral path:

28 Free Illustrator Swoosh Brushes

Update: Brush Set saved with Tint Colorization Method to solve issues with changing the color of your strokes and fills.


Includes: – AI Brush Library (1)

Update: Vector source file for earlier Illustrator versions, and SVG Format for Inkscape users.


Includes: – AI (1) SVG (1)

Resource: www.bittbox.com

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