33 High Resolution And Eye-Catching Spring Desktop Wallpapers

It has been a long winter, and actually I am still waiting for spring though it’s almost March. If You are working with computer in daily basis, beautiful desktop wallpaper can significantly inspire and make Your coffee breaks a little more warmer with some eye-candy. I also tried to select and find high resolution wallpapers, but I was surprised, it was not easy – many people still forget to think about designers with huge monitor resolutions, I provided You with available resolution above each wallpaper, so You shouldn’t waste any of Your valuable time.
So here I present to You 33 beautiful spring related wallpapers which I hope will become handy, when You’re struggling with lack of new ideas.
Resolution – 2560X1600px
Splash of Color wallpaper
Resolutions – 2560×1600, 1680×1050, 1280×800 px.
Resolutions – 1280×1024 px
Resolutions – 1440×900 px
I believe in spring wallpaper
Resolution – maximum 1920×1200 px, various sizes.
Resolution – maximum 1920×1200 px, various sizes.
Spring Fever wallpaper
Resolution – 1920×1200 px
Spring Messenger III wallpaper
Resolution – 2048×1536 px
Four Seasons-wallpaper
Resolution – maximum 1680×1050 px, various sizes.
Resolution – 1280×1024px
four seasons wallpaper
Resolution – maximum 2560×1600, various sizes.
Conquer the World wallpaper
Resolution – maximum 1920×1200 px, various sizes.
A Beautiful Day wallpaper
Resolution -1920×1200 px
Emergence of Spring wallpaper
Resolution -1600×1200 px
4 seasons wallpaper
Resolution – maximum 1920×1200 px, various sizes.
Blue C4D Wallpaper
Resolution – 1280×1024px
Blue Days of Spring wallpaper
Resolution – 1280×1024px
Season Tree wallpaper
Resolution – 1680×1050px
Appalachian trail spring wallpaper
Resolution – 1600×1200px
Remember Me wallpaper
Resolution – 2560×1600
Wallpaper Water on Leaves
Resolution – 1600×1200
Parasol spring-wallpaper
Resolution – 1440×900
Springtime flowers wallpaper
Resolution – 1152×864 px
Romance spring-wallpaper
Resolution – 1280×800 px
Reborn wallpaper
Resolution – 1920×1200 px
Resolution – 1280×800 px
Spring is coming wallpaper
Resolution -1920×1200
La Solitudine spring-wallpaper
Resolution – 1280×960 px
A violent march bouquet wallpaper
Resolution – 1280×1024 px
Spring Wallpaper face
Resolution -1680×1050 px, various sizes
Spring morning WALLPAPER
Worshiping spring wallpaper
Resolution – various sizes, maximum – 1920×1200 px
Resolution – various sizes, maximum – 1920×1200 px
I hope now You have enough beautiful, inspiring wallpapers until waiting for spring and summer!
 Dainis Graveris
resource: 1stwebdesigner.com

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