Are you real faithful ? so Ramadan Mobarak

Hi every one 
Congratulations we are in Ramadan, this is very big chance to develop ourselves.
You know as we are Muslims that the truth of Islam is to be a good person
who helps and respects and loves, supports and mercy and  take care of others.
This is the  truth of Islam the religion who came from God, who came by Muhammad peace be upon him. 

Allah gives us specific instructions to share a peaceful life with others, but unfortunately some of us change the instructions and destroyed the true image of Islam. 
How could Islam be bad religion while it came from God who send also the Blessed Virgin Mary, Jesus, Judah and all the prophets.

The majestic merciful Allah "God" he loves every one, he order us to respect the other religion, and we as Muslims will never be real faithful unless we believe and respect all the religions and prophets.
This is exactly the reality of Islam .

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