More than 50 Impressive Ads About Problems In The World, That Really Makes You Thinking

By Rula creative

Let’s start with the topic human rights:

Since the Olympic games are starting:

Amnesty International Olympia Sprint Ad
Another Olympic discipline

Amnesty International Olympia Bow Ad
It doesn’t happen here, but now!

Amnesty International Es geschieht nicht hier aber jetzt
Amnesty International Es geschieht nicht hier aber jetzt
Amnesty International Ad
Child soldiers in Angola

Amnesty International Angola War Ad
Child soldiers dream of simply being children.

Amnesty International Child Soldiers

Non smoking ads:

No Smoking Area Ad
No Smoking Lung Cancer
Stop second hand smoking!

No Smoking Second Hand Smoking
No Smoking Machine Ad
No Smoking Toothbrush Ad

Ad for responsible driving

Buckle Up Ad
Buckle Up Neck Ad
Dont Drink and Drive Ad
After 2 drinks, your attention while driving will diminish by up to 76%

Dont Drink and Drive Small People Ad
Don’t talk on your cell phone while driving!

Cell Phone Crash Ad

The problem with your weight

Every 5th child is overweight.

Obesity Bike Ad
Obesity Chair Ad
Obesity Slide Ad
Obesity is Suicide Ad
Obesity is Suicide Ad

Ads to help and protect children

Child abuse

Child Abuse Ad
Child Abuse Girls Ad
Child Abuse Boys Ad
Every Kid needs a Family
Autism Ad

Anti drugs campaigns

Meth Beating Ad
Meth Sex Ad
Old Junkie Ad

World hunger

Hungry Trash Ad
People in Need – Pint of beer €4,50, 50 Liter of fresh water €1,50

People in Need
Handbag €32,- Food for one week €4,-

People in Need Bag Ad
Feed Children Ad

Ads to protect against diseases

Do you really think you have clean hands?

Clean Hands Baby Ad
Don’t play with your health. Check your cholesterol!

Health Lego Ad

Ads to rescue animals

How many animals have to pay for your cosmetic?


Anti weapon ads

Land Mine Ad
No Weapon Ad

Water pollution and Water shortage

Non Drinking Water WTC Ad
Non Drinking Water Nuklear Bomb Ad
Water Ad
Keep the water clean! What comes around goes around!

Dirty Water Sushi Ad
Water Oil Ad
Water Muscheln Ad
Try living on this for three days

Red Cross Water Ad

And some other good ads

Help Yourself

Help Yourself
Video piracy kills the movie industry. Buy the original!

Video Piracy
Eskom Electricity Ad
It’s not an ad, but I think this makes you thinking too.

Parking for Disabled
Resource: http://notaniche.com

What is your favorite, or do you know some more interesting ads? What did you think about these ads?
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