Put Delicious Tag Cloud in your Blogger

By Rula creative

Using Delicious you can share web pages you found on the Internet with your friends. On finding a web page that is 'delicious' to you first bookmark it and then upload the bookmarks to delicious so you can share them with friends.

Your bookmarks can be categorized using tags. When you display a tag cloud the size of a tag denotes the number of your bookmarks associated with it. This gives an immediate indication to your viewers the subjects that you are most interested in. See picture at left.

To add a Delicious tag cloud to your blog follow these steps :

  1. Login at Blogger.com
  2. Click Layout link on Dashboard under blog title.
  3. Click Add Gadget link on Page Elements subtab.
  4. In popup window click HTML/Javascript gadget.
  5. In contents window copy and paste the code below :

In above code replace 

 with the Username you use to login at Delicious.com and save the gadget.


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